Compare the Prius, Prius C and Prius V

Compare Prius models

The Prius family is one of the few mainstream hybrids that have sold as well and accepted by the public world over. It created waves when it was first released and has, till date managed to be among the best hybrids in the market today. Here’s our review of how to compare Prius models.

There are three Prius models that will be placed side by side in this hybrid compare; Prius, Prius C and Prius V.


Prius C

The C stands for compact. It resembles a hatchback, and has a 1.5L engine and is the most affordable as well as the most fuel efficient of the Prius family.






The original and the most loved, it is the classic Prius, the mid sized, sedan looking car. It has the same 1.8L engine and delivers up to 51 miles to the gallon.
It is also the best option if you want a bit of a punch in your ride.





Prius_VPrius V

The largest Prius, it has a big trunk, 1.8L engine and is as spacious as any sedan in its class. It is also the best looking and most expensive of all the Priuses in this list.

There is a fourth variant called the Prius Plug-in which has a whole new engine and power management system running the car.