How Does a Prius Get Such Good Mileage?

Prius MPG Info

Let’s take a look at how good the Prius MPG is. Hybrid cars like the Prius cost much less to own and operate than standard cars mainly because of the way the engines work. There are two ways in which power is delivered to the wheels; one through a standard IC engine and two, through a secondary electric motor. Through the application of two power sources, a number of things can be achieved like increased power, or in the case of a Prius mileage.


The standard Prius will give you about 51 miles to a gallon of fuel. It certainly is not the most advanced in terms of speed, handling or even efficiency, but it was one of the first and still is the best selling of the hybrids.


The engine assist works in such a way that till the car reaches a certain speed and the motor is kept active through regenerative braking. It is a method by which the battery receives the energy that is output every time the brakes are hit. The power keeps the motor going and rests the engine, giving the Prius mileage. It is also the reason why the Prius gives more mileage in the city than on highways.

Prius Mileage Chart